Easy Peasy ChickPea and Spinach Stew

This is one of those recipes that I consider my family’s FAST FOOD!  you might wonder why?  well, its because its not “so much” thought over, or planned or elaborate dishes….its that one easy,super quick, just a handful of ingredients that you already have in your pantry and one pot meal that can the hit the table in under 20-25 minutes….Now thats even faster than ordering FAST FOOD 🙂

*One Can of Organic Garbanzo beans or chickpea

*One bag of Organic Washed Baby Spinach

*One Can of Organic Diced Tomatoes  (I used Muir Glen’s BPA free cans)

*One small sized chopped onion or half of a medium size onion

*tiny bit or a couple flips of Garlic salt

*1/2 teaspoon of Cumin Seeds

*Salt and pepper to taste

*Cayenne pepper

*Olive Oil

Start by Sautéing onions in Olive Oil, when onions turns translucent, add cumin seeds.  After a minute, add canned diced tomatoes, Garlic salt or Garlic powder, salt & pepper, and Cayenne pepper.  Add Garbanzo beans or chickpea, and let it cook for 5-7 minutes on medium low.  Add baby spinach and let it all cook for about 5 minute more.  Serve it with pita bread, warm Gluten free Tortillas, or white/Brown Rice.

Note:  To Avoid BPA exposure in lining of the cans, I always try to get BPA free cans like Eden foods or Muir Glen.

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My Favorite Quinoa Recipe

I have to admit that I am obsessed with Quinoa, in any way or form its something that fulfils me without giving me that heavy feeling no matter how much I eat.
Moreover, this is my favorite way to make it into a quick, healthy, nutritious and delicious meal anytime of the day.  I love how this recipe doesn’t need any extra prep time, esp in the mornings when you wake up, you put a pot of Quinoa on the stove to cook and raid your refrigerator and take all those miscellaneous produce out that was waiting to be used up.  Quinoa takes about 10-15 minutes to cook (just enough time for you to make a new salad) and a perfect meal is ready.  its so simple, easy and no fuss involved.  I also love to eat quinoa with the crunch of raw veggies and somehow I almost always try to incorporate Oranges in my salad to go with Quinoa, i think oranges add a new dimension to the simplicity of Quinoa.  Here is my go to recipe, anytime of the day:

*2 cups of Organic Quinoa

*1 and half cup water to cook

*2-3 teaspoons of Organic extra virgin Olive Oil

*1 teaspoon of sea salt

*Quarter teaspoon of black pepper

*Quarter teaspoon of garlic powder or 1 small clove of chopped garlic

*Quarter teasooon of Cayenne pepper

You can wash it in a strainer and dump the washed quinoa in a pot with Olive Oil, Salt, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic and water to cook.  Let it boil, then mix it and leave it covered to simmer on low heat for 10 more minutes.  In the mean time you cut up what ever you find interesting to make a nice salad and dress it with lime/lemon juice and Olive oil.  After 10 minutes, turn the flame off but DO NOT open or peek the quinoa at the point.  This is very important because you being impatient will result in not so yummy and fully bloomed Quinoa, if you leave it un touched for 5 minutes after its turned off, it was cook in that carry over time and steam to its perfection, and you will find every tiny grain of Quinoa, blossomed into perfection and retain all the nutritional value intact.  Now its time to enjoy the yummy quinoa with your favorite raw veggies and some citrus whether it be lemon or oranges.  Feel free to increase or decrease the spices as you like.


Here is a link for another amazing recipe of this miraculous grain along with its wonderful health benefits:

Best quinoa recipes

White Lentils or Urad Daal

This Urad Daal recipe comes from my mother, she always made it when I was growing up in Pakistan.  I tried making it the same way, and I think its pretty close to hers but I still believe that hers is the best 🙂

Here’s the recipe:

*Two cups of Urad Daal/white lentils (I soaked it for about 15-30 minutes)

*One Medium Size Onion (chopped)

*half teaspoon of Crushed Garlic

*3 Quarter teaspoon of Crushed Ginger

*1 levelled teaspoon salt

*1/2 teaspoon of whole cumin seeds

*1/2 teaspoon of whole coriander seeds

*7-8 Round Red chilli (Dried kind)

*few tablespoons of Olive oil and a tablespoon of Butter (you can skip the butter if you’re vegan)

Firstly, I washed the lentils and added them to a pot with about half cup of water to boil (I added a table spoon of butter because I like the way the taste more).

When it started to boil I added Ginger, Garlic and Salt and turned it low to simmer.  In another pan, I added EVOO and Onions, let it sauté until its golden brown or caramelized, then I added Cumin and Coriander ( I crushed them a little with my hands or mortor and pestle). Red Round Dry Red Chilli (easily available in Indian Grocery Stores or just used the Long dry red chilli or break them into little pieces of you like).  Add the Onion Mixture to your lentils and let it cook for 5 more minutes, Mix and Serve.

Its really easy and simple Recipe, whole cooking process takes about 30 minutes and turns out really yummy.  can be served with either white/brown rice or with Roti (indian bread) or eat with with a yummy salad if you’re grain free.  If you want to see benefits of Urad Daal, read here.

Delicious Vegan Okra stew

Did you know that Okra heal Diabetes, Asthma, and Cancer.   To learn more about Okra’s wonderful properties click here

Here is a Delicious Recipe of Okra:

*One Medium size yellow Onion (chopped)

*1/2 teaspoon of Coriander seeds

*1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds

*1 teaspoon of sea salt

*1/2 teaspoon of cumin powder

*1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder

*1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric Powder

*1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder

*1- 2 pinches of cayenne pepper powder

*Okra cut in small pieces (4-5 cups)

*Tomatoes cut in small pieces 4-5

*EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 3-4 Table spoons

Sauté Onions in EVOO, until slightly golden  on Medium to low medium heat.  Add Cumin seeds and coriander seeds and let it sauté for a minute more ( you will smell a distinct aroma of cumin and coriander at this point). Add Okra in to the pan, mix well, cover and let it steam for 2 minutes.

Add salt, chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, cayenne and turmeric, mix well and put the cover back on and let it cook for another 5-6 minutes on low heat. Last but not the least, add tomatoes and let it cook for 5 minutes more and then Enjoy with Brown rice or your Favorite Gluten Free Bread.

Allergy Information:

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Corn-free
  • Nuts-free/Peanuts-free
  • Egg-free
  • Dairy-free

Monsanto’s GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Do you know what Genetically Modified foods/Organisms (AKA GMO) are:

“Effects were mostly concentrated in kidney and liver function, the two major diet detoxification organs, but in detail differed with each GM type. In addition, some effects on heart, adrenal, spleen and blood cells were also frequently noted. As there normally exists sex differences in liver and kidney metabolism, the highly statistically significant disturbances in the function of these organs, seen between male and female rats, cannot be dismissed as biologically insignificant as has been proposed by others. We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity….These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.”
Read more here:

Easy Sauted Spinach and Creamy potatoes

* One medium size chopped Onion
* One small Garlic Clove (chopped)
* 2-3 medium size chopped tomatoes
* 1lb baby spinach or one bunch of chopped spinach
* potatoes 4-5 medium to large size potatoes (chopped in cubes)
* 1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds
* 1/2 teaspoon of coriander seeds
* sea salt to taste (I used half teaspoon or little more i think)
* 1/4 teaspoon red pepper powder or chilli powder/cayenne pepper
* 1/4 teaspoon corriander powder
* 1/4 teaspoon cumin powder
* dash of turmeric powder or dash of curry powder.

Saute onion in EVOO until translucent, add chopped Garlic and cumin/coriander seeds. Add quarter cup of water with sea salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, red pepper powder/cayenne pepper and turmeric powder, along with tomatoes and cook for another 5 minutes. Add potatoes and cook for about 10 minutes or until potatoes are little firm but mostly cooked. Add spinach at this point and cover for 3-4 minutes until all spinach is wilted, then mix it with spoon, let it cook for 2-4 minutes more. Then enjoy with white or BrownRice or brown rice Tortillas. Bon Appetite

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Allergy Information:

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Corn-free
  • Nuts-free/Peanuts-free
  • Egg-free
  • Dairy-free